Neo retro clay

The simple asthetics of this collection makes it fit into any interior including the nordic ones, the natural clay combined to colorful glaze and minimalistic design makes it add a subtle boho touch.

Handmade in Morocco

Dishwasher safe.


Disclaimer : 
Since we are trying to produce sustainable and ethical products using local clay mixes and lead-free glazes, it can be the case that some of our large pitchers and vases are not 100% waterproof. It doesn't mean they are not functional but they get proofed with the use as the porosity decreases so they become waterproof after few uses.

To speed up this process we suggest following : 

- Give the product a good run in the dishwasher at high temperatures let dry and repeat.

- Fill it up with water and leave it to stand for at least 24h (on kitchen table, sink...) empty, dry and repeat.

- Fill it up with oil or any other fluid with a different density than water, preferably hot.

We value clear communication with our customers and appreciate their trust and understanding.