The journey started when we have noticed the increased interest for handmade artefacts from Morocco. Growing up in Morocco and carrying a rich cultural background and living in Denmark a country famous for its design wonders, architect by profession and passionate about home design and interior renovations, it was pretty clear that combining the two cultures would be the natural direction to take.

Working closely with skilled Moroccan artisans to produce quality products fit for modern homes while still keeping a boho chic moroccan print was what has inspired us to start Moho.

In Moho we combine craftsmanship and creativity to bring different homeware in modern homes and give them character and uniqueness. The techniques are usually centuries old, this way we also contribute to maintaining these traditions

We source our products ourselves as close to the source as possible, fair prices and reasonable terms are respected as we believe in the promotion of fair trade and we would like to contribute and support our artisans, their families and businesses as they grow.